AirMed Compact Air Purifiers  

Have a small space or need to travel with your air cleaner?
Our compact air purifiers pack industrial air cleaning
into a portable, compact format. 

Remove Airborne Chemicals & Odors

The deepest activated carbon filters in the industry for a compact , portable air purifier to remove more airborne chemicals and odors.

Trap Fine Particles  

Removes 99.99% of airborne particulate and contaminants with Super HEPA filtration.

Easy to place, move and transport

Serious filtration in a compact format. Size allows for easy placement and transport. Robust industrial design for reliable, continuous 24/7 operation. 

Our AirMed Compact Air Purifiers: Features 

  •      The deepest activated carbon filter available in a compact, portable air purifier 
  •     HEPA filter that removes fine airborne dust, allergens and other pollutants 
  •      A robust industrial design allows for 24/7operation.  No digital parts to set or repair,  worry-free operation.  
  •      Handle for portability 
AirMed 1 Supreme

AirMed 1 Supreme

$409.98 USD - $559.98 USD
AirMed 3 Supreme

AirMed 3 Supreme

$549.98 USD - $729.98 USD

Why choose a compact air purifier? 

  • If you live or work in a smaller space or require an air purifier with a small footprint
  • If you'd like to move your air purifier to different areas often
  • If you have allergies, MCS or have compromised lung function and travel
  • If you have a cottage, second home or RV
  • You need a budget friendly option that still offers serious air filtration

How does an AllerAir Air Purifier Work?

An AllerAir air purifier cleans your indoor air in several steps:

• A pre-filter removes larger particles
• The Super HEPA traps up to 99.99% of fine airborne mold spores 
• The deep-bed activated carbon filter adsorbs airborne chemicals, gases and odors 

How does activated carbon work? 

Used on the world’s most hazardous airborne pollutants, activated carbon is one of the safest and most effective filtration methods in use today.

Activated carbon actually attracts pollutants and traps them in millions of tiny pores and fissures. The surface area in activated carbon is so extensive, that if you could spread out all of the microscopic openings found in only one teaspoon of activated carbon, it would cover an entire football field. This unique quality allows carbon remove very large amounts of chemicals, gases and odors.

Filters with only a small amount of carbon or carbon dust sprayed onto mesh won't have as many openings for pollutants to be trapped and can quickly be saturated. This results in most frequent filter changes and ineffective filtration.

AllerAir filter last on average 2 to 5 years, depending on the pollution level.

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