Air Purifiers Designed for Salons and Spas

Remove airborne chemicals and odors directly from the source
with our exclusive activated carbon +HEPA salon air purifiers.

Remove Airborne Particulate

Remove up to 99.99% of fine airborne particles with Super HEPA filtration.

Remove Airborne Chemicals & Odors 

Remove the chemicals and odors other air cleaners leave behind with the deepest activated carbon filters and special carbon blends to better treat complex chemicals and odors. 

At-the-Source Protection

Remove pollutants directly at the source preventing the circulation of chemicals, odors and particles. 

Our Salon Air Purifiers: Select by Filtration Depth and Unit Size

  •      The flexible arm allows for pollutants to be removed directly at the source reducing the wide circulation of fine particles, chemicals and odors
  •      Extra deep-bed activated carbon filters+ HEPA filters remove more of the pollutants other air cleaners leave behind
  •      Expertly selected activated carbon blends for more efficient adsorption of complex chemicals and odors
  •      A robust industrial design allows for 24/7, reliable operation
Salon Pro 5 Plus

Salon Pro 5 Plus

$1,429.98 USD - $1,629.98 USD
Nail Salons Chemical Removal Source Capture Air Purifier Engineered specifically for nail salons, the Salon Pro 5 Plus Air Purifier is a source capture air-purifying unit designed to capture chemicals,
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Salon Pro 5 Ultra

Salon Pro 5 Ultra

$1,729.98 USD - $1,929.98 USD
Heavy Duty Nail Salon Source Capture Chemical Removal Engineered specifically for nail salons that have a heavy concentration of chemicals that are known to be dangerous threat to your clients
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Salon Pro 6 Plus

Salon Pro 6 Plus

$1,529.98 USD - $1,729.98 USD
Largest Source Capture Air Cleaning Hair/Nail Salons The largest of our salon units, the Salon Pro 6 Plus is a source capture air-purifying unit designed to capture chemicals, odors and
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Salon Pro 6 Ultra

Salon Pro 6 Ultra

$1,829.98 USD - $2,029.98 USD
Ultimate Cleaning Chemicals Hair Nail Salon Source Capture Hose The largest and most powerful unit as part of our salon units, the Salon Pro 6 Ultra is a source capture
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Why Choose a Salon
Air Cleaner ?

Having cleaner indoor air ensures the safety and comfort of your employees and valued customers.

Improving your indoor air quality can reduce occupational exposures to harmful pollutants, reduce absenteeism, increase job satisfaction and support a positive, clean and safe image for your business. 

AllerAir's salon air purifiers remove pollutants directly from the workspace, allowing your employees and clients to breath cleaner air, while preventing the pollutants from also circulating through-out your building. 

air purfiers for nail salons

Hazardous Chemicals Found in Salon Products

Products used in nail salons can contain many chemicals that can have serious health effects. 

  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover: contain Acetone and Butyl Acetate, Dibutyl phthalate, Ethyl acetate, Isopropyl acetate, which cause headaches; dizziness; and irritated eyes, skin, mouth and throat. Also contain Toluene, which additionally causes damage to liver and kidneys; and harm to unborn children during pregnancy
  • Fingernail glue remover: contains Acetonitrileh and this entails irritated nose, throat and breathing problems, nausea; vomiting, and exhaustion.
  • Artificial Nail Liquids: contain Ethyl methacrylathe and this can be the culprit of asthma; irritated eyes, skin, nose, and mouth; difficulty concentrating. Pregnant women should be wary that this may affect their child.
  • Nail hardener: contains Formaldehyde, which can cause cancer as well as difficulty breathing, including coughing, asthma-like attacks, wheezing, allergic reactions, irritated eyes, skin, and throat
  • Nail Primer: contains Methacrylic acid. This has been shown to cause skin burns, is an irritant to eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. High concentrations can cause difficulty breathing.
  • Disinfectants: contain Quaternary ammonium compounds (disinfectants). This may cause asthma and is an irritant to your skin and nose

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