AirMedic Pro 6 Plus W Vocarb


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Source Capture Air Purification

The Pro 6 Plus W model is a source capture air purifier designed to trap chemicals, gases, and odors before they become airborne. Its convenient flex hose is adaptable to various positions, and is ideal for hard-to-reach places, where pollutants are emitted.

The unit features a deep-bed activated carbon filter and a high-performance Super HEPA filter for particle filtration. 

Cure or remove a wide range of obnoxious or even toxic odors in homes and a perfect co-worker to bring to the office and clean the indoor air of your work environment.

The Pro 6 Plus W Source Capture air purifier is used in many industrial applications, commercial applications, and also used in many Universities and laboratories, where a source capture air purifier is needed to clean the air of toxic fumes and chemicals.

Odors can come from a variety of sources including animals including pets, dogs, cats, or unwanted animals, formaldehyde odors in buildings from building products or furnishings, plumbing drains, plastic or vinyl ,and this list is by no means exhaustive.

  •    Filtration System Activated carbon filter, 3" depth, superHEPA, pre-filter
       Carbon Canister 22-23 lbs.
       Surface Area of Carbon
    3000 acres
       Super HEPA Removes 99.99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns in size
       CFM 400
       Speed 3-speed
       UV Lamp Available
       Available Colors Black
       Voltage 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz
       Amps (115V/230V) 1.3/0.5
       Cord Length 8 feet
       Noise Level 50-75 dB
       Maneuverability 4 x 2" wheels
       Filter Access Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
       Motor Details Motor with a blower wheel
       Dimensions 23.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
       Shipping Weight Approx. 62 lbs. in 2 Boxes
       Operating Weight 56 lbs.
       Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
       CSA/UL Yes
  • Part Name Part Number Price
    Pre-Filters (4 Pack) A6FMP012 - 4 $73.98 USD
    Pre-Filters (8 Pack) A6FMP012 - 8 $130.98 USD
    Pre-Filters Value-pack(24) A6FMP012-24 $346.98 USD
    Super HEPA Filter Pro 6 Plus A6FSH1245 $106.98 USD
    Carbon A6FCW230 $335.98 USD
    Carbon Canister Wrap Set(2 Pack) A6FMWS00-2 $131.98 USD
    UV Replacement Lamps 10W A6EL9013-10W $131.98 USD
    Gasket Set AM000926-2 $52.98 USD
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