AllerAir values everyone of our customers. We provide quality air purifiers for your home and office needs and we back that claim with our solid guarantee. If you, our valued customer, should find a competitor's unit with more relevant filtration (activated carbon and Super HEPA) at a lower price. Then, you will receive the difference in cost between the two units in question, and a free personal air purifier (valued between $300 - $500)

AllerAir guarantees you more options and more relevant filtration media than any competitor. Check out our variety of air purifier collections and remember that whatever specific solution you need we provide customization to satisfy your air cleaning


          AllerAir offers you air purification units with the deepest beds of carbon and pounds of it with various blends. This ensures long dwell times, which is the amount of time indoor air pollutants travel through the activated carbon and Super Hepa filters for optimal filtration.


                                             AllerAir provides the most activated carbon for chemical and odor control.


Note : Proof is of course required for processing claims. Pricing, warranty and guarantee are valid in North America only.


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About Carbon Blends

Our standard “EXEC” carbon blend has a very large internal surface area and works exceptionally well for a wide range of air pollutants. 


The “Vocarb” carbon blend is our most recommended and best-selling specialty carbon blend. Vocarb stands for Volatile organic compounds or VOCs and this include a variety of chemicals that can cause a range of health problems including shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and eye, nose, lung and throat irritation. Some VOC's are suspected to cause cancer in humans and have been shown to cause cancer in animals. The long-term health effects caused by VOC's would depend on the concentration and length of exposure.


Some chemicals adhere better to different types of carbon materials and carbon blends. Over the years we’ve sourced and developed over 40 carbon blends. If you have an odor or chemical you need to remove, we have a blend to target it