Perfectly Portable Air Purification Solutions

The compact air purifier for baby, travel and more

We all have small rooms or areas that need a refresher course in good indoor air quality. Lots of diaper changes in the nursery? Musty smell in the walk-in closet? Want cleaner air in the storage area or small bathroom? Or are you sensitive to airborne pollutants and traveling a lot?

Then AllerAir’s AirMed 1 Supreme is the answer for you. The air purifiers in this series offer a complete IAQ with a 10 lb. activated carbon filter to remove airborne chemicals, gases, odors and fumes, a medical-grade HEPA that takes care of fine particles and pre-filters to make those main filters last.

The AirMed 1 series is compact and light enough to move around as needed or take with you when traveling, and you can choose additional protection from contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses by adding UV germicidal filtration.

Order your plug-and-play AirMed 1 now for cleaner air where you need it.

Air Quality Sizing Chart for AllerAir

sizing guide for allerair air purifiers