Mold spores are everywhere, but active mold growth is connected to high humidity and inadequate ventilation.

Effects of mold - Prolonged exposure to mold spores can lead to short and long-term health effects. Symptoms include nasal stuffiness, wheezing and eye and skin irritation. Allergic reactions to mold are also common, and can be immediate or delayed.

Air cleaners for mold – It’s important to reduce moisture and humidity and to ensure adequate ventilation, but an air purifier with the right filtration technology can help filter out and eliminate mold spores, odors and irritants associated with indoor and outdoor mold.

AllerAir filtration systems for mold include:

  • Activated Carbon – for the removal of odors and mycotoxins from the air
  • HEPA – to trap mold spores and particles
  • Optional UV germicidal filtration – to neutralize mold spores (and other biological contaminants)