Airmedic Pro 4 Series (Formerly the 4000 series)

If you have occasional pollutants in your home or office for a given space of 1,200 sq. ft. based on an 8 foot ceiling, then AllerAir's Pro 4 Series is the right fit for you. If you are still looking for a portable and lightweight air filtration system for residences and offices but with a larger carbon treated filter that can clean larger spaces of up to 1,500 square feet based on an 8 foot ceiling, then you may be interested in our Pro 5 series air filtration unit.

To help you choose the right AirMedic Pro 4 air purifier, we need to learn quickly what the carbon blends mean. The choices of activated carbon are Exec Blend, Vocarb Blend and Custom Blend

  • Our Exec carbon filter is our general purpose blend, ideal for trapping a wide range of airborne chemicals, gases and odors
  • The Vocarb carbon is our booted blend, offering a more aggresive removal of hard to trap airborne chemicals, gases and odors. This blend is best suited for newly renovated environments, unknown contaminants and/or formaldehyde.
  • Maybe you have an unusual dilemma. Let us customize the perfect carbon blend for your solution. 

Air Quality Sizing Chart for AllerAir

sizing guide for allerair air purifiers