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Get your home ready for spring

smiley in a treeSpring is just around the corner - and that means coming out of hibernation and getting to work at home.

Not only is spring cleaning season coming up, but it is also one of the best times to put a house up for sale.

There are many reasons why spring is the busiest season in the real estate market:

  1. The holiday season is long over and budgets have recovered
  2. Spring pictures of blooming flowers are a great selling point. Properties look larger and well-cared for.
  3. Buyers like to get through the closing process as early as possible so they can move and make it their own before the next winter/holiday/school season

Even if you are not ready to put up a “For Sale” sign, these tips can help make you feel good about the home you live in.

Spring cleaning done right

It is an annual rite that has become an important part of spring for many homeowners - and it’s easy to see why: After a thorough spring cleaning effort, it is fun to look around and enjoy a cleaner, well-organized products

A perfect spring cleaning stint will involve many hours, projects and helpers (but don’t take our word for it, Martha Stewart has an entire printable checklist to consult).

However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the spring cleaning is successful:

Plan ahead

Schedule the time for spring cleaning and make a list of the tasks you want to complete. Then make sure you have all the products and tools you need. Set realistic goals.

Use non-toxic cleaning products

Traditional cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals, many of which have been linked with short-term and long-term health effects. Never mix cleaning products, and if possible, use non-toxic alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda and hot water.

Reward yourself

Whether it’s a half hour of alone time (with a cup of tea and a book or magazine, anyone?), a few new decorating items or a takeout meal so nothing messes up that kitchen - the right reward will make it easier to get through those spring cleaning tasks.

Prep the home

Selling or not, a well-organized home makes life easier. Assess each room individually and get rid of clutter, ratty old furniture, and anything that distracts from the natural charms of the home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a good first impression with friends or potential buyers.

Fix the little things

Patch up little holes in the walls, replace burnt-out light bulbs, cover up the scratches on floor baseboards with a new coat of paint -- all these little jobs will help bring on a sense of accomplishment and they can make the difference in the home selling process.

Maximize curb appeal

Take some time out in the yard to clean up branches and leaves, plant some new flowers and make sure that the house makes a great impression even before people enter the home.

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About Carbon Blends

Our standard “EXEC” carbon blend has a very large internal surface area and works exceptionally well for a wide range of air pollutants. 


The “Vocarb” carbon blend is our most recommended and best-selling specialty carbon blend. Vocarb stands for Volatile organic compounds or VOCs and this include a variety of chemicals that can cause a range of health problems including shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and eye, nose, lung and throat irritation. Some VOC's are suspected to cause cancer in humans and have been shown to cause cancer in animals. The long-term health effects caused by VOC's would depend on the concentration and length of exposure.


Some chemicals adhere better to different types of carbon materials and carbon blends. Over the years we’ve sourced and developed over 40 carbon blends. If you have an odor or chemical you need to remove, we have a blend to target it