AirMedic Pro 4 Exec by AllerAir

Broad spectrum protection at an outstanding value. An exceptional air filtration unit featuring a more compact design than the Pro 5 Exec, while still offering reliable chemical, gas, odor and particle filtration. Includes AllerAir's standard size 2.5 inch deep activated carbon filter, a medical-grade HEPA and an easy-clean pre-filter. This unit (without UV) is ARB certified for sale in the state of California.
  •    Filtration System Activated carbon filter, 2.5" depth, medical-grade HEPA, pre-filter
       Carbon Weight 15 lbs.
       Surface Area of Carbon
    1500 acres
       HEPA Medical-grade, removes 99.97% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
       Surface Area of HEPA
    3140 sq. in.
       Micro-HEPA N/A
       CFM 400
       Speed 3-speed
       UV Lamp Available
       Available Colors Black, Sandstone
       Voltage 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz
       Amps (115V/230V) 1.3/0.5
       Cord Length 8 feet
       Noise Level 50-75 dB
       Maneuverability 4 x 2" wheels
       Filter Access Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
       Motor Details Motor with a blower wheel
       Dimensions 17.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
       Shipping Weight Approx. 42 lbs.
       Operating Weight 38 lbs.
       Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
       CSA/UL Yes
  •    Part Name

    Part Number


    Pre-Filters (4 Pack)

    A4FMP006 - 4

    $47.98 USD

    Pre-Filters (8 Pack)

    A4FMP006 - 8

    $71.98 USD

    Pre-Filters Value-pack(24)


    $203.98 USD



    $95.98 USD



    $119.98 USD

    Carbon Canister Wrap Set(2 Pack)


    $95.98 USD

    UV Replacement Lamps 10W


    $119.98 USD

    Gasket Set


    $47.98 USD

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