6 Easy Ways to Avoid Air Purifier Scams

Get a serious air purifier that meets your needs

 1. Know your indoor air pollutants

Common sources of indoor air pollution (Source: EPA):

 How air purifiers help
A HEPA filter alone is unable to filter out chemicals and irritating odors because HEPA only removes particles. You need both a HEPA and a large activated carbon filter to also remove airborne chemicals and gases that are harmful to human health.
AllerAir specializes in these types of air purifiers and will help you find the best air cleaner for your indoor air problems. Contact us directly or learn more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).


2. Be aware of the health effects

Health symptoms linked to polluted indoor air:

Source control, improved ventilation and humidity control are all important steps to improve indoor air quality, but a portable air purifier with a deep bed of activated carbon and a HEPA filter will help clean the air 24/7.


3. Insist on a complete air cleaner

A complete air purifier has a multi-stage filtration system:

AllerAir provides the most complete air cleaning solutions with the largest and deepest activated carbon filters.information you need to avoid making the wrong air purifier purchase.
Check out our Sizing and Model Selection Guides and the information you need to avoid making the wrong air purifier purchase.


4. Compare companies and models

AllerAir air cleaners are made with the most inert and environmentally friendly materials possible. Plus, you get the most relevant filtration media for the best price guaranteed.

No other company offers as much relevant filtration media in the same price range and so many options to make sure the air purifier addresses your specific indoor air concerns.


5. Talk to an IAQ expert

For best protection against harmful indoor air pollutants, you need a serious air purifier that works – period. AllerAir believes in a proactive approach to air cleaning and will help you find the right air purifier. Call us at 1-888-852-8247.


6. Arm yourself with the right questions 

Whether you are looking for a general purpose air cleaner or an air purifier to address a specific indoor air problem (e.g. heavy odors, tobacco smoke or mold), you need information to make the best decision. Here are some of the most important questions to ask: